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Understanding The Rules Of A Basketball Game

As with every sport or game played there are rules in place to govern the play. This is to ensure there is some level of uniformity for the overall way the game is played and enjoyed. Basketball in no different, as it too has a standard set of rules and guidelines that should be followed to ensure the game is well played and enjoyable.

Basketball rules


Some Basic Rules

Basketball is played by two teams, and the idea behind the game is to score as many points as possible within the time frame allotted. These points are scored when the ball in thrown into the opposing team’s basket. Each team consists of 12 players of which 5 players are usually on the court at any given time. The following are some of the moves prevalent in the basketball game that are usually governed by a set of rules:

  • When there is a case of personal contact such as holding a player back physically in an attempt to restrict their movements, the call will be made to allow the opposing team to take possession of the ball. This is also applicable when there is contact which is categorized as illegal guarding which is made from behind, again causing the opponent to falter in movements.
  • Blocking and pushing are both fouls that can have dire repercussions, such as the referee giving possession of the ball to the opposing team or allowing free throws by the opposing team. Illegal screening is an attempt to slow down or stop the opponent from gaining control of the ball, and if this is done to impede the game in any way, then the same rule applies and the referee can make a judgment call to give the ball to the opposing team. There are other moves such as hand checking, charging and illegal use of hands, and all these contribute to penalties in one way or another.


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