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The keto diet: “My health has never been better”

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The keto beginning

Before and after

Ben has reached fantastic success with a keto diet and intermittent fasting – reversing type 2 diabetes, losing weight and healing all of his ailments.

Want to know how he did it? Here’s how:

Hi Dr. Eenfeldt,

I wanted to share my story, since your site was one of a few that led me to LCHF [keto] originally.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in January 2016, as well as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I’d previously been diagnosed with fatty liver, and had been suffering from gout for nearly ten year. I was only 41 years old, but had the health of a man several years older. For several years, I had bronchitis twice a year, every year. I snored loudly while sleeping, had night sweats, GERD, poor circulation in my feet, post-nasal drip, was easily winded, and my weight had ballooned up to 273 pounds (124 kg) over time. My BMI was 35.0, and my body fat % was approximately 35%.


Every one of the symptoms I mentioned has been reversed.

My diagnosis frightened me, and I did a lot of reading on this and other sites, and was inspired by all the success stories I saw. I started eating LCHF in February 2016, combined with 16:8 intermittent fasting, and have continued to do so ever since. It only took a few months for my A1c to drop from 7.5 down to 5.3, and my blood pressure and cholesterol also normalized. An ultrasound of my abdomen in January 2017 revealed no more fatty liver, and every one of the symptoms I mentioned has been reversed. My weight is now stable at 200 lbs (90 kg), with about 20% body fat, and I just ran my first ever 5K race this past Sunday.

I now feel better than I did in my mid-twenties. My health has never been better, and I thank you for all you do to tell people about LCHF, that food can truly be our medicine.


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