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The basics Of A Basketball Game

Basketball is played all over the world by both men and women, it is a very popular and rather strenuous sport. Thus, if an individual is looking for a good mental and physical workout, this is the game to take on. There are also several international leagues and this brings the game to its current popularity standing.

The two teams involved in the game comprise of only five players at any given time on the basketball court. The reserves can number in any amount depending on the teams capacity to retain such individuals. There are usually three referees, as the game is fast moving and it is not always possible for the singular referee to make accurate judgment calls. There are several positions to play from and these include a point guard, a shooting guard, a small forward, power forward and a center.

Basic Information

BasketBallThe center position is usually taken up by the biggest players or the players that can jump the highest and rebound the best. This is usually where ball possession is determined early on in the game. Then comes the power forward, which is the next important position. This is where the block shots are best tackled. The small forward is usually a fast player who has the ability to dribble, pass, shoot and score well. The small forward is also usually playing a defending position against the better players on the opposing team to ensure fewer chances of the opposing team passing the ball. Then there is the shooting guard who is usually good at scoring the goals through shooting free throws or any other time the ball is in position for a shot. The point guard is usually the main player in possession of the ball and the one that creates or facilitates the play as it unfolds. Moving around the court with the aim of trying to gain ball control is the prime way to ensure the gameplay goes according to the teams winning prospects.



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