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Oberlo – Dropshiping Business Made Easy With Automation

Oberlo Review

Here is an Oberlo Review  and a quick tour of this sofware App, that allows you to Make your dropshipping business easy to manage with their automation system.

What is Orberlo

oberlo reviewOberlo – Start a Dropshipping Business with only a Few Clicks Shopify Ecommerce

Oberlo allows you to easily add hundreds of products to your Shopify store and never worry about packaging or shipping.

Oberlo was founded in 2015 by a group of close friends and Oberlo has quickly thanks to its powerful features and ease of use become a leading drop shipping app in the Shopify app marketplace, with nearly 7, 000 active Shopify stores over 85 million products around the world.

The primary feature you get from Oberlo is the importing from AliExpress. Since so many dropshippers use AliExpress to find and sell products, it’s a wonder as to why a tool like this hasn’t come around sooner. Not only do you gain access to thousands of suppliers on AliExpress, but the product images, details and prices are all situated right there for you.

Anyone who has used AliExpress knows that it’s pretty simple trying to search for a keyword and locate a product that might fit well in your store. And the Oberlo system makes it so much easier. Basically, you can complete your usual browsing, but this time you receive an Oberlo button that automatically imports the desired product to your online store. There’s nothing more to it.



What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.  Read more about What is dropshipping here.

How To Use Oberlo With DropShipping?

Once you have created a store selling in any type of niche, use the many traffic generation techniques available to drive a constant flow of interested people to my store.

Now, of course, you do not carry any inventory yourself (so start-ups costs are low) but once you make a sale, you need to purchase the item and ship it (as explained previously).

This is where Oberlo comes in.

With Oberlo, you do not have to complete the order yourself. Once a sale comes in on your Shopify store, it will sync up with Oberlo immediately.

All you have to do to complete the transaction is simply go into you Oberlo dashboard, see what order needs fulfilling and I go ahead and click the “order button”.

What this does is now simply magic, and it literally is something you have to see to believe.


Everything You Need to Make Dropshipping Easy

Features which makes running your dropshipping store a breeze.

Product Customization

Edit your products as you wish: change titles, descriptions, images, anything!

Pricing Automations

Create pricing rules, and price your products in bulk.

Shipment Tracking

Know where your orders are at all times with integrated order tracking.

Multiple User Accounts

Allow other people to help run your online store.

Track Your Sales

Follow your store earnings in a convenient sales and costs dashboard.

Filter Products with ePacket

With the ePacket filter, import only the products with the fastest delivery times.

Create Product Wish Lists

Manage multiple wish lists and import products directly from there.

Connect Existing Products

Connect products you’re already selling on your store to Oberlo.

Change Product Suppliers

Easily switch between the suppliers offering the best price.

How Much Does Oberlo Cost?

Every plan from Oberlo starts with a 30-day free trial, giving you a taste of what to expect if you start paying. You can also cancel your account at anytime and go over your plan limits without affecting your order process. However, one thing to keep in mind is that going over a plan limit removes the dropshipping component of the service, so you’ll have to process the orders manually.

Starter – For free you receive a setup for 500 products, 50 orders per month, daily product syncing, automatic order fulfillment, pricing automation, a free Chrome extension and sales reporting.Basic – For $29.90 per month you receive a setup for 10, 000 products, 500 orders per month, everything from the previous plan, shipment tracking and order fulfillment monitoring.Pro – For $79.90 per month you receive a setup for 30, 000 products, unlimited orders per month, everything from the previous plan and multiple users.


Oberlo Customers Testamonials & Reviews

Oberlo – Start a Dropshipping Business with only a Few Clicks - review


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