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Adding Power and Fixing the Soccer Kick

Great video that opens the eyes of the trainer and player.
Improving the soccer kick. Adding power to the soccer kick takes time, but even a youth soccer player can add power. The soccer coach and soccer parent must be the first to understand why our soccer kick is lacking power.

Please watch: “A Critical Skill ”



Some excellent resources to improve your soccer skills:

99 Skills to Ball Mastery for player 

  • It will improve your touch.
  • It will improve your control.
  • It will improve your flexibility.
  • It will improve your weaker foot and more…
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99 Skills to Ball Mastery for coach

  • Teaching your players ball mastery skills, from the basics to the most advanced, will give your players the tools to take their game to the next level.
  • You will “light the fire” in your players.
  • You are empowering your players to focus their energy on self improvement.
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Has been used by more than 73,287 players all over the world.