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10 of Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins in 2019

Credit for this article : Templatic (The best source for monetization wordpress themes)

The highlight of this plugin is the drag and drop form builder. It is one of the most popular and easy to use WordPress Contact form plugins.

The WPForms WordPress Contact form plugin is efficient and comes with all the features to let you create beautiful contact forms, on your own. It is beginner friendly and comes with an intuitive interface to create contact forms with the fields of your choice.

This contact form plugin is available in two different versions.

The Lite version of WPForms is free and you can download it from the WordPress plugins repository. It should work with your installed theme without causing any problem.

This basic version is enough for creating simple contact forms for simple websites. It comes with all the basic form fields for you to choose from. Besides, there is the captcha facility for spam protection, etc.

On the other hand, there is a premium version that you can use for your advanced needs. The premium version is ideal for creating payment forms, multi-page forms, file uploads, order submission forms, etc.

These forms are designed for ease of use. And since there are two different versions of the plugin – you can choose the one fit for your purpose. If you need basic forms, you can use the free version, or click the link below to find the advanced forms.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms come with a powerful form builder and an easy to use interface to create effective contact forms. This contact form builder is free. The free version includes a form builder to create basic forms of inquiries.

However, there are different add-ons for different purposes. There are different addons for multi-part forms, analytics, forms with PDF, export data to excel spreadsheet, convert kit support, etc.

Besides the forms plugin is completely developer friendly. So if you want to add more features or tweak the existing ones through programming. These forms are translation ready and very flexible.

Even if you have never created a contact form before, you can use the available features and create a form for your website in no time. Moreover, this Forms plugin is very flexible. The forms can be added to your content in form or a widget or a shortcode.

Gravity Forms

Gravity forms are one of the most popular WordPress contact form plugins. It is a premium plugin that is designed for quick contact form building.

With this plugin, you can create a feature packed, the contact form on your website on your own. The plugin comes with more than 30 different form fields for you to choose from. This includes all the fields that you may need to create simple as well as complex forms for user submissions.

Sometimes, you might want to create a contact form with the conditional logic. For example, certain fields may appear or disappear based on the value of some other field. Forms with such conditionals fields can also be created using the Gravity Forms contact form plugin.

Moreover, this contact form plugin supports many other features like file upload, auto calculations, save as draft and continue later spam protection, etc. If you want to create a web form for user-generated content than you can do that too. You can easily create a content submission form with the Gravity Forms.

On the other hand, to facilitate you more – the Gravity Forms supports addons and you can integrate them if you need. There are different addons like – Aweber, PayPal, MailChimp that can really help you.

Contact form 7 is a popular and relatively simpler option to create a contact form on your blog or website. This is one of the oldest contact form plugins and there are newer options that you can try.

We cannot say contact form 7 is a feature packed or easy to use WordPress Contact Form plugins. It can be used for simpler purposes. For example- You are running a blog and you want a simple contact form through which your readers can send you a message. Here, you only need a basic form that can let you create a simple form with the text fields like name, email address, and message.

If that is what you need, Contact form 7 is for you. It is free and does not come with complex fields and options that may confuse you. Therefore, when you are sure you don’t want a fancy contact form plugin with a form design and plenty of advanced features, you can use a plugin like- Contact form 7 plugin.

Formidable Forms builder

Formidable forms is the multipurpose form builder that you can use to create just about any kind of form. You can create contact forms, survey forms, online quiz forms, registration or payment forms, email marketing forms, etc.

Building forms with the included drag and drop form builder are really easy. With the available options, you can create both – simple WordPress forms, or complex forms very easily.

This contact form plugin has two versions. The basic version is free and you can download it for free at While there is a Formidable Forms pro contact form plugin, that you can buy from their official website.

This plugin comes with some inbuilt templates for you to start with. You can edit them and create the type of form you want for your website easily. There are also some styling options for the forms you create with the Formidable Forms plugin.

Even for the advanced features, there are different package alternatives and you can choose the one that is suitable for you.

This plugin has many features – it supports surveys and survey reports, allows you to accept credit cards and online payments, etc.

Formstack is much more than a simple contact form plugin. It is a platform independent form builder to create forms easily. This form builder lets you build amazing forms with its easy drag and drop form building options.

However, it comes with a WordPress plugin integration that you can download for free from This plugin lets you integrate your Formstack plugins into your WordPress website. It enables you to embed you formstack forms into your posts, pages or even sidebars of your pages.

Since this is a platform independent Form builder, and not specifically built for WordPress, we recommend using WordPress contact form plugins if your only concern is having a form on your WordPress website.

We recommend this platform for those who want a centralized system for collecting form data. Suppose you want to use the same forms on different platforms than Formstack is ideal for you. But if you want it just for WordPress, then there are better options.

Form craft is a premium WordPress contact form plugin that you can use to create forms on your WordPress website.

Since it is a premium WordPress contact form plugin, it comes with number of attractive features for your forms. first of all, there is a drag and drop form builder to create forms effortlessly.

The plugin allows you to create forms with beautiful design. To start with, you get the pre-designed templates. You can update the existing templates as per your requirements or use the drag and drop builder to create custom forms on your own.

Moreover, like most of the advanced form builders, this plugin too allows creating multipage forms for your website. Besides, you can also apply conditional logic on your fields for creating forms that can collect data based on logic.

You can embed popup forms or apply math to your fields. Besides, this plugin also lets you create online surveys using the survey fields. For more features, there are the addons that you can use according to your requirements. There’s also an autosave feature for the form fields that you can enable or disable as per your will.

The stand-out feature of this plugin is the indepth graphical analytic reports that it can produce for you. This can help you gain insights on various aspects.

This is a simple and open source WordPress Contact form plugin for creating contact forms in your WordPress website.

You can integrate the contact form on any page, content area of your website by inserting the form shortcode.

Moreover, there are validation features for the form fields to make sure that correct values are submitted. Besides, there are the captcha features for spam protection.

So that you don’t miss any message, you have the option to automatically receive a copy of the submitted data to your email.

This plugin also supports file attachment. It comes with all the features to create a basic simple contact form without touching a line of code.

It certainly lacks advanced features like analytics, multi-form support, etc. We recommend using this plugin if simplicity is what you are looking for. It is free and easy to use.

Happy Forms provide you with a free drag and drop form builder within your WordPress dashboard, to create simple yet effective forms for your website.

You can use this form builder to create contact forms, lead generation forms, feedback forms, quote forms, survey forms, etc. It comes with the basic features of a contact form plugin – the spam protection, conversion optimization, and safely archiving the submitted data.

The happy form builder also lets you generate a live preview of the built form. Besides, you can easily embed forms anywhere to your pages, posts, or widget areas.

You can redirect your user to any webpage after the form is submitted and even opt to send a confirmation email to the recipient. It also supports file upload.

Considering, it is a free contact form plugin, the features are ample and can really help you build an effective contact form.

This is also a WordPress Contact form plugin 2019, with advanced drag and drop contact form builder. With this plugin, you can use the drag and drop form building interface to create contact forms. Caldera forms provide you full protection against spam.

This plugin has two versions, a free and a paid one. The free version can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository, while you can get the pro version at their official website.

With this plugin, you can apply conditional logic with the visual editing features. Besides, there are all the features to track, edit and view the form data.

There are different addons to achieve more with the Caldera forms contact form plugin.

This is a contact form plugin to capture and manage leads on your WordPress website. The data submitted to the contact forms will be sent as an email, and also added to your vCita MOBILE CRM.

With the contact form plugin, you can create beautiful and effective contact forms without touching a line of code. Besides, this plugin also gives you access to LiveSite Widgets that can help you capture more leads on your website.